Skatan LLC – Affiliate Program Terms & Conditions


  • In the following Skatan LLC is called SLLC.
  • The affiliate programs of are hereinafter referred to as the “affiliate program”.
  • The participants in the partner programs mentioned in b) are hereinafter referred to as “partners”.
  • The Partner Network is referred to as the “Partner Network”.

Participation in the Partner Program

  • Participation in the Partner Program shall come into effect upon confirmation of the Partner’s application by SLLC and may be terminated by either party at any time without giving reasons.
  • The Partner is obliged to keep its contact data stored with the Partner Network up to date so that contact can be established by e-mail and payment made by PayPal.
  • The Partner may not order our products via his own commission link. These commissions are cancelled directly.
  • The Partner is responsible for the observance of copyrights, applicable trademark law and other legal regulations of his Internet presence. Liability on the part of SLLC is excluded. The Partner shall indemnify SLLC against any claims asserted by third parties.
  • SLLC shall be liable for its own Internet presence.

Websites / Social Media Profiles of the Partner

  • The Partner undertakes not to offer any pornographic, sexual, radical, political, discriminatory, criminal or immoral content or links to such content on its pages and social media profiles.

Newsletter of the partner

  • The Partner will not send electronic messages to third parties who do not agree to receive them (spam).
  • If the Partner sends messages that contain advertising material from the product provider, the Partner clearly identifies itself as the sender.

Commission and payment of the Partner

  • SLLC shall pay the Partner 8% of each brokered (sold) product. 19% VAT will be deducted from the total price beforehand.
  • SLLC pays the Partner its commission via the PayPal provider on the first of the following month when the total commission amount of 15€ or more is reached.
  • Payments can only be made via the provider PayPal. The partner can register via

Changes to the conditions of participation

  • SLLC has the option of amending these Conditions of Participation at its own discretion without giving reasons.
  • SLLC shall inform the Partner of any changes two weeks in advance.

Final Terms

  • Should individual provisions of these terms and conditions be or become void or ineffective, this shall not affect the remaining provisions. Invalid or ineffective provisions shall be replaced by statutory provisions. This also applies to loopholes.


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