In a way it´s easy to explain why we ended up recycling used skateboards.

We are passioned Skateboarders since 1990, always creating our homes where we were living out of scratch ourself. We are still not really amused of average modern or commercial furniture and the way consuming works in normal life. Less is more and sustainable living was always part of my mindset…

Jan Groot CEO Skatan LLC.. I managed some kind of a hostel in barcelona for creative activities, musicians, artists and funsport junkies. Included staying at my place the people could use my garage ,musicstudio ,artelier and share there passion for all this with me and my mates.

A lot of skateboarders got attracted to my place and of course Barcelona. That´s why almost 50% of the (clients/people) were Skateboarders. They had a certain Issue.: Lot´s of them flew with …”product placement” F….Ryanair, what made it difficult for them to take their complete Skateboard with them to Barcelona and back. Thank good for Ryanair :/ After one season I had a shit ton of used boards at the hostel. I gave some to local kids or shredded them myself.

First Item produced:

As a Skateboarder and Biker I consistently faced the issue of being unable to find bike racks that could get easily attach to my race-bike and carry large loads of camping gear. So I build my own out of an old skateboard. That was my first item made of Skateboard wood.  

That´s how it started back in 2015 in Barcelona, BCN, Home of Skateboarding in Viva Espana / (Cataluna)…. 🙂 sorry



To sell a product that is handcrafted, recycled, unique and self-developed is a f…. mess. No doubt, our passion for what we are doing keeps us away from stopping it. Anyhow our addiction is to work with wood, use our hands and heads. To create things keeps us running and is our biggest motivation. We are producing and developing all products by ourself. That´s what people perceive when they see it. Underlining, all items are one of a kind because it´s made of used old Skateboards. The Trays, Bike-luggage-racks, Necklaces, Surfboard key-chains, Frames never look the same. Something that would mostly end up in the trash (beautiful and strong laminated layers of maple) would be gone forever. With great artwork underneath and sometimes also on top of the skateboard would be just destroyed. Too many beautiful things can be created with trash like this. So, even if it´s shit lots work f… it 🙂